Calling all medical students!

Amazing opportunity to participate in the European Space Agency’s online human space physiology training course.

Available to medical students and students of biomedical science, this three-week fully online course is now open for applications.

The course takes place in October 2021 and further details can be found here.

Summer Space Medicine Opportunities

The University of Texas Medical Branch has moved its Principles of Aviation & Space Medicine course online this year due to Coronavirus. Great opportunity to get a solid grounding in the history of spaceflight, physiology of spaceflight and the human factors involved. Course runs virtually from June 28th – July 16th. Apply by March 15th here.

The Aerospace Medical Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting is scheduled to take place August 29th to September 2nd 2021 in Denver, Colorado. Updates on current research and practice in Aerospace Medicine and international networking opportunities. Tickets here.

Research Opportunities

Interested in aerospace medicine research?

Get in touch with our committee today. We’re always working on projects and are open to collaboration.

Mainly we’re interested in novel research, collaborations with other fields e.g. engineering and analysis of current literature trends and knowledge gaps.

If you’ve a research background or are just interested in getting started, we’re happy to chat further.